Light Design

Illuminating your web presence

The price or cost can be an important component in decision making, so we have put all the prices together here for you.

Item Basic Site Advanced Site Shop site Price
Basic Site Y from $2249
Advanced Site Y from $3349
Domain name Y Y from $32/year
Hosting - plus software maintenance
FREE Analytics reports
from $649/year
Email hosting
Per hosted email address / or per-annum for gmail
Labour $60/hour
Custom template + Y from $1000
Custom menu + Y from $120
Administration area Y Y
'Edit yourself' website Y Y
Edit search engine data on each page Y Y
Upload images Y Y
Contact form Y Y
Email protection Y Y
Search function Y Y
Photo album + + from $30
Random images + from $30
Banner advertising + from $60
Breadcrumbs Y $0
News flash + from $30
Latest news Y $0
Most common articles + $30
Related pages + $30
RSS news feeds + from $60
Sitemap + from $30
Custom Forms + from $120
Newsletter + from $120
Calendar + from $120
List of events + from $120
Link management + + $10/link
Search engine optimisation Y
includes 3 pages
includes 5 pages
from $60/page
we write your pages for you
includes 3 pages
includes 5 pages
from $30/page
Annual SEO site report from $60
Backups from $30

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