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Domain = 'land belonging to one person'
Name = 'a word or phrase by which a person or thing is known; a title'

Light Design will arrange your Domain Name after the initial consultation with you.

A 'Domain Name' is your own personalised 'domain' on the world wide web. A name that you can call your own. Its yours for as long as you pay the annual service fee1

This 'Domain Name' will be used as the name your website displays to the world. It will also feature in your personalized email addresses.

For example:
This will mean you have your own professionally branded web site and emails!

You get to choose not only the name itself but also the ccTLD (country code top level domain), or trailing part ( / .com / .org / .net / / / ....etc etc - with some restrictions) Each country has its own ccTLD's but which one you choose will be dependent on who your target audience is for your website. Some countries restrict who can have which ccTLD.

A large business would often buy many TLD's to avoid other businesses parking next to theirs. For example if I own - I might want to also purchase so nobody can set up a business on that domain which could steal business(ie:mistyped web address) from us, and if our company was massive, I might also want to obtain others to protect the spaces closeby.

If you have an existing Domain Name this can be assigned to your new website. A small charge applies to have it redirected to your new website.

1. Annual service fee - goes to the people that administer the Domain Name Registrar to ensure your name stays unique, and so that all the computers around the world know how to get to where your website is hosted or stored