Light Design

Illuminating your web presence
Light Design aims to keep this Basic website as simple as possible.

Although this website is called 'Basic' - it is not short on Features,

  • 'Edit yourself' with the built in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor
  • Easily upload images from your own computer
  • Easily add/delete images in your website
  • Free choice of default Template
  • Contact form
  • Easily edit 'Meta' information for the search engines - on each page
  • Allow visitors to search within your website
  • Valid HTML
  • Valid CSS
  • Add-on and expand your website

Possible add-ons

  • Template modifications
  • Custom templates
  • Photo Album
If you need or wish for more than this website offers, take a look at the advanced - 'edit yourself' website. Or Contact us to see if your wish can be incorporated into the 'Basic' website.

Click for Basic Site Demo