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Illuminating your web presence
Copy Writing for the web is an art - the art of creating a compelling message to be easily understood by many people.

When you try to write a clear enlightening message which captivates your audience, you realise that copy writing is a difficult task.

Content written for a web site should be as short and as succinct as possible. People on the internet skim read. If you loose their attention span, or fail to impress with your words, they will continue elsewhere with their search.

How good are you at communicating?

With copy writing you need to effectively communicate for,

  • all ages,
  • all genders,
  • all cultures,
  • different beliefs
  • people of a different first language,
  • people highly engrossed in your topic,
  • people scanning for something specific,
  • people who've arrived from a search engine link,
  • visitors from round the world whose first language is different to the language your site's written in