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Your website can live and breath with Light Design's 'edit yourself' packages!

Websites should be alive. They need to be fresh, updated, and at the least, spring cleaned. With a website from Light Design you can 'edit yourself' and keep your website alive.

"Imagine visiting someone else's house(website) that hasn't been cleaned(updated) in quite some time. With all the excitement of visiting a new place, you go to throw the door open, only to find that it is rusty and takes some time to open(poor download speed). You finally get it open and the first thing that smacks you in your looking glass(screen) is a disorganised mess, and you can't easily find what you are looking for(poor design).

As you gasp to inhale and claim your 'do it anyway' attitude you note the pungent smell of something moldy which has obviously never been aired (old information), you notice the decor is almost from the Elizabethan error(old design), but you flounder gently forward moving an 'old news'-paper from your path, something scurries out of it (active/flash image) that startles you and stops you in your tracks(poor download speed). It takes time for you to recover, but determined, you continue, you reach for the switch(menu button) to shed some light on the situation and as you flick it there is no response(page not found) Enough!! Time to go(find a new website)."

This is very much like 'some' web experiences. With outdated information, the site not maintained or well kept, it is slow to load or exhibits poor design and you can't find what you are looking for easily.

To breath life into your website, 'edit yourself,' at a time that suits you, and keep your website alive!