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Light Design always provides a search function!

Imagine this..."You want to find a new widget, you go to the 'yell-ow' pages and can't find what you are looking for you ring someone that might have something close to what it is that you want but have no joy. You have almost given up after having spent half your day looking, when you go for a drink with your friend and tell them all about it. Oh, well, they say, ring so and so, who knows such and such and they know a chap who knows something about that. Great - the wheels are turning again - even though you are frazzled you continue.

It turns out that they only have orange ones and there is no way in this lifetime you want your widget to be orange. The chap suggests trying this other fellow who was recommended by his auntie. Great, sort of, as your day is almost over - you finally get to them and all they want to do is baffle you with BS (butterscotch) but they do have a green one like you wanted yet it is the wrong size, oh no worries, says the clerk, we can order one in, you will just have to wait a week.

Is this how your search should go?

People want to find exactly what they are looking for, and in as short a time as possible. Every good website should have a search function to go directly to what your customer/client is looking for within your site. Your whole site should be optimised for search engines to find you, and the services that you are offering.