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Illuminating your web presence
Anybody serious about keeping in touch with their clients and contacts should 'offer' a free up to date newsletter!

Newsletters are rich examples of giving to get. They can achieve a number of goals while delivering worthwhile information to people's inboxes:

  • Newsletters provide people with current information, without them having to go and find it
  • Newsletters can provide information aggregation, selecting the most interesting points or content in a topic, (which is becoming more valuable as the amount of information people have to deal with increases)
  • Newsletters will be the biggest area of growth and development in publishing over the next 10 years
  • Newsletters gather visitors' contact details, which gives website owners a way to communicate directly with interested people
  • Newsleters provide website owners with a cost-effective channel to promote their services and products
  • Newsletters keep you in touch and shows your website or business is still alive and breathing

It can be a hard enough job to get people to your website, but once you have them interested in your product/ service or information, it is easy to keep them informed with a newsletter. Each newsletter sent may provide the right choice for some one at exactly the right time that they need it in their life.

Light design offers a newsletter add-on option with their advanced website.