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Illuminating your web presence
Item Basic Site Advanced Site Shop site Price
Basic Site Y from $2249
Advanced Site Y from $3349
Domain name Y Y from $32/year
Hosting - plus software maintenance
FREE weekly database backups emailed to you, FREE monthly Analytics report
Email hosting
Per email address
Labour $60/hour
Custom template + Y from $250
Custom menu + Y from $60
Administration area Y Y
'Edit yourself' website Y Y
Edit search engine data on each page Y Y
Upload images Y Y
Contact form Y Y
Email protection Y Y
Search function Y Y
Photo album + + from $30
Random images + from $30
Banner advertising + from $60
Breadcrumbs Y $0
News flash + from $30
Latest news Y $0
Most common articles + $30
Related pages + $30
RSS news feeds + from $60
Sitemap + from $30
Custom Forms + from $120
Newsletter + from $120
Calendar + from $120
List of events + from $120
Link management + + $10/link
Search engine optimisation Y
includes 3 pages
includes 5 pages
from $60/page
we write your pages for you
includes 3 pages
includes 5 pages
from $30/page
Annual SEO site report from $60
Backups from $30